My name is Jack and I want to let you know how pleased I was to have found Mr. Ramirez as my insurance agent. Since leaving the company that I had insurance with for so long it has been a hard and constant struggle to find the insurance that fits my needs. When I found Mr. Ramirez’s agency, I finally was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Mr. Ramirez worked tirelessly to find the insurance that best suited my needs. Not only did he help me get my health insurance, but also the additional coverages at much better rates than anyone else bothered to help me with. Mr. Ramirez is always available to help me with any and all problems or questions I may have to my coverage. I would encourage anyone looking for insurance to consider Mr. Ramirez, who would go the extra mile to help his clients. I appreciate all he has done for me with my insurance needs.


My name is Jane and I am writing this letter to recommend Mr. Ramirez as your insurance agent. He has been my agent for 3 yrs. I have had numerous calls from other insurance agents with offers. But Mr. Ramirez is different in the respect that he works relentlessly to make sure all of my health insurance needs are met. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and I consider him trusting and honest.


Mr. Ramirez worked diligently to find the right insurance that was compatible not just for my doctors but for prescriptions as well.